Soil Excursion to the western Mongolia

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Date(s) - 2020.07.9 - 2020.07.26
Egész napos

Central Asian Soil Science Society


Soil Excursion to the western Mongolia
Soil, and Land Use in Nomadic Culture

09. July 2020 to 26. July 2020

We are pleased to welcome international students, specialists, researchers, and teaching professionals from all over the world to our bus-tour in Mongolian vast landscape.
We have been organizing various excursions in Mongolia for many years and approximately 150 participants from different countries have already participated. Researchers from Germany, Austria, Vietnam, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, France, USA, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Japan, Luxemburg and Russia have created beautiful memories with us during our international, joint and adventurous expedition.
The excursions have been very fruitful as having international scientists from different countries and we described many soil profiles all together. Also, we learnt diverse cultures from each other.

Registration deadline: January 20 – February 20, 2020
The pre-registration must be done via email: