Securing markets and maximising value from biosolids and other biofertilisers

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Date(s) - 2019.05.21 - 2019.05.22
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„Day 1 – 21st May

Sustainable landbank: Building and maintaining confidence in biosolids, biowastes and other bioresources

Although materials such as biosolids and food-based digestates have different origins, the challenges with land bank access and security can be very similar. For example – fragments of plastic are known to be present in biosolids, food-based digestates and green-waste composts. To date, there is little or no evidence that this creates issues in soils where these materials are applied – but perception that there might be an issue is likely to be high.

Day 2 – 22nd May

Marketing Biosolids, biowastes and other bioresources:  minimise costs and maximise returns

Biosolids and other bioresources (such as composted garden wastes and digestate from food waste AD) offer a number of benefits to farmers and growers. They help to reduce reliance on conventional fertilisers – by supplying nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and a range of trace elements – and in some cases help to improve soil physico-chemical properties by supplying organic matter.”

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